Call for Papers

The call for conference abstract submissions (part 2 of the conference) is now open.

The call for expressions for interest (for part 3 of the conference) is now open.

The deadline for submission of abstracts and expressions of interest is 01 February 2018

We invite conference abstract submissions that take a critical stance on any aspect of reproductive justice and abortion. Abstract will feature in five broad streams: (i) health systems, histories of abortion, and abortion politics; (ii) education, interventions and treatment; (iii) theory and methods in research; (iv) social contexts and communications and (v) activism and advocacy.

Presentations may take the following forms: individual paper, symposium, roundtable, soapbox, debate, five-minute challenge, poster presentation and art or drama presentation.

We also invite expressions of interest to participate in part 3 of the conference: sharing of knowledge and experience of advocacy for safe abortion in the Africa region through participatory discussions in groups of 15-20.

Topics include (i) decriminalization of abortion: whether, to what extent, and how; (ii) how medical abortion pills are changing everything (or should be) (iii) understanding the basis of the opposition to abortion today and how to address it.

For all the relevant forms please click on the Abstract Guidelines Link on them main menu.