Part 2 - Knowledge Sharing

Taking a critical stance on reproductive justice and abortion

The conference organisers will invite conference abstract submissions that take a critical stance on any aspect of reproductive justice and abortion, particularly related to five key themes:

  • Health systems, histories of abortion, and abortion politics
  • Education, interventions and treatment
  • Theory and methods in research
  • Social contexts and communications
  • Activism and advocacy.

Keynote speakers with significant experience in research and/or advocacy will be invited to speak on each of the two days, providing a space for robust plenary discussion and input from well-known people in the field. The proposed speakers will be balanced in terms of: background, and area of focus (research; advocacy and activism; health and service delivery).

These presentations will be followed by parallel sessions. The following formats for presentations will be welcomed:

  • Symposium: a symposium is organised around a common topic and will include three to four presentations and possibly a discussant
  • Round-table discussion: four short position papers followed by general questions/discussion
  • Soap-box presentations: A provocative paper followed by input from an interrogator and general questions/discussion
  • Debate: Two people with divergent views on a particular topic debate their stances. Each debater starts with a short presentation. Each person is then given a chance to respond to the initial presentation. Thereafter the debate is opened to the floor
  • Five-minute challenge: A panel of 5 to 6 people present for five minutes each on a ‘hot topic’, followed by audience discussion. Slots will be one hour. Five minute challenge proposals need to include: an abstract on the hot topic to be discussed and a list of the panel members
  • Individual paper: This is a paper presentation followed by questions/discussion
  • Arts or drama presentations. An artistic or dramatic presentation that can be presented in a half hour or hour slot within the context of a conference venue, and with all props and additional lighting provided by performers